Oil and Gas Drilling, Top Drive, Mud Pump and Workover Rig Parts Global Sourcing

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OEM or certified equivalent quality mud pump, Top Drive and Workover rig parts for tge Oil and Gas industry

We are actively pursuing quality improvements through our processes that enables each employee to perform their functions with accuracy and in a timely manner.

Oil and gas pump jack parts

We are a leading supplier of

Workover Drilling Rig Accessories and Spare Parts

We supply most of the North American made workover rig carrier’s OEM, or OEM equal spare parts

Drilling Rigs Spare Parts

Simor Industrial Solutions Ltd. is a leading supplier of OEM and OEM equal parts for major North American Workover Rig brands. We supply parts for Kremco, Skytop Brewster, National, Coopers, Dreco, and Cardwell. All our supplied parts are made by API/ISO-approved manufacturers and are warranted for high-quality material and workmanship.

high pressure oil and gas pipes

Oil and Gas Industry Parts Part We Supply

We provide a wide range of rig accessories and spare parts. Contact us for specific parts detail and availability.

drilling bite for oil and gas

Drilling Rig Accessories

We supply a wide range of drilling rig accessories with custom or standard specifications. Following is the list of accessories we supply to our customers worldwide:


Allison – Baker – Baylor – Bj – Bowen – Cameron – Cardwell – Cooper – Delco – Dreco – Emerson – Eaton – Farr – Fisher – Foster – Garden Denver – Ideco – Kremco – National – Nov – Omsco – Rosshill – Skytop – Timken – Rexroth


Simor is not an agent or sales representative nor is otherwise anixiated of affiliated with the manufacturers listed on this page- References to companies’ names are for identification purposes only and are not Trade Marks or Trade Names used try or affiliated with Simor
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